What the customers say

“Olav har først og fremmest forstand på mennesker. Hvad der driver og motiverer. Hvordan man komminikerer og glæder. Med dette vigtige afsæt hjælper Olav ledere til at få dem til at blive stærkere. Olav giver en indsigt i, hvordan man får sine kolleger og medarbejdere til at tro på en og følge en. En snak med Olav er altid givende og prikker altid til ens egen selvopfattelse – på den gode måde. Olavs støtte og råd i f.eks. en forandringsproces styrker en, så man er rustet til at stå fast og klar på at kommunikere, hvorfor en forandring er nødvendig.”


– Morten Nørgaard Morthorst, VP Digital Accellerator, Denmark


“Vi har brugt Olav Langdahl til at udvikle vores lederes personlige lederskab – en opgave Olav med både følelsesmæssig dybde og glimt i øjet har løftet langt udover hvad vi selv havde turdet håbe på. Det at arbejde med personlige ledelseskompetencer hos ingeniører og maskinmestre er ikke noget man bare lige gør. Det kræver både mod, tålmodighed og faglighed – samt ikke mindst timing.”


– Johnny H. G. Ryser, Adm. Direktør, Nordic Green Solutions, Danmark


“Olavs ability to listen and ask the right questions, have made it possible for my employees to perform at an even higher level without compromising their personal lives.”


– Benjamin Juul Abildgaard – Engineering Manager, Denmark


“During a particular challenging project Olav coached me to get my head out of my ass, and gain a constructive perspective on both the project and my personal journey through it. I am incredibly thankful to have had the chance to work with Olav, and highly recommend his services.”


– Lars, Ph.D. – Software Engineer, Denmark


“I worked with Olav over the last 5 AMAZING years, as I was assessing many different career options at my current employer, considering different possibilities and thinking through my career path options; and finally ended up in a management position. He was one of the few that had a faith in my management skills. Olav was supportive, radically candid, and provided healthy debate to my decision making. In addition, we worked on best methods of articulating strengths, based on different roles I was exploring over my 5 years development path in the same Company. I’m happy to say that we made it.. or I made it using lots of Olav’s support. Having Olav to vet out personal development with an unbiased lens was incredibly valuable.


Olav has not only inspired me, but has taught me more valuable advice than any of my college professors have given me for finding a career. He truly cares about you and believes in your abilities. Olav’s persistency and energy is contagious. He sparked my drive and ambition to find the right development path for me!


What I found most helpful about Olav’s coaching was his ability to really see me, or maybe I should say, see the real me – and he taught me to say – I AM ENOUGH! I feel like Olav helped free the potential in me. Like most managers, so much of what I do at work is worthwhile, visible but fragmented. Working with Olav helped me value what I do and gave me the courage to do things in a bigger, more visible way – despite of my young age – reach the sky.


Thank you Olav for pushing me into my “big leap”!

For sure, I continue to look forward to sessions with Olav, as I wish to continue to develop my high-performance leadership career.”


– Filip Bak, Global Team Manager, Poland


“Olav is a great coach! My conversations with Olav helped me achieve a much better and more conscious understanding of my struggle, what was causing it, and more importantly how to deal with it and achieve both immediate and long term improvements. Olav is inspiring and always a joy to talk to, even when the topic or questions get tough!”




– Simon, Expert Wind Industry Engineer, USA


“I started in a new role as Manager, in a rather young age, where I was responsible for technical experienced colleagues.


This was a huge transition from being a technical employee towards leading my former colleagues.


Through a number of sessions with Olav, I gained confidence in performing in my new role and I got a lot of support that helped me kickoff my managing career.


Olav is always great to have a talk with, both if it is a 30min quick talk about a “hot-topic” or it is a 2 hours sessions where there is a more critical agenda.


I would recommend anyone to have a session with Olav, either if it is just for a small daily-life struggle or if you needs coaching support.”




– Frederik Sig Pedersen, Engineering Manager, Denmark


“Olav mentored and coached me through a difficult transition in my professional career. The sessions with Olav helped me a lot in regards to positively embrace the new challenges. I consider Olav a great listener with a very positive attitude.”




– Thorkild Rasmussen, Engineering Manager, USA


“I have experienced Olav Langdahl as a very competent and reliable coach and partner in the human but also interdisciplinary development of my own skills as well as team skills. In the past five years, he established and professionally implemented both his own programmes for training management teams and coaching individual colleagues. I can proudly say that without his help I would not have grown as much as I have and will continue to grow with his help.”




– Sebastian Vierhaus, Area Manager, Germany


“Olav is the best coach I ever had. He motivated me to ask for help. He helps me understand why other people act the way they do. He taught me to find happiness in the small things. After every session I feel I can manage whatever life throws at me :)”




– Jolanta, Accountant, Poland


“In my career I had the opportunity to take on immediately a lot of responsibility in several projects. I have been a trusted employee of my company and was offered to step into a project leading position with literally no professional leading experience.


I was not prepared for what was coming towards me in this time!


Several problems arose due to my undeveloped communication skills. I reflected a lot and decided to ask my boss for some coaching. Olav stepped in and helped me a lot. He showed me what I had to change immediately. In the following sessions he prepared and coached me to handle different scenarios and situations.


I’m very glad to have had the opportunity to work with Olav, as I’m sure he has contributed a very large part to my development!”




– Tobias, Engineer, Germany


“After I made the transition from a team member to the team lead I naturally faced some challenges. Some of those where personal, some where professional based.


I started with Olav as a coach when there was one particular situation I just couldn’t solve myself. We directly tackled this one and to me surprisingly quick found a very good solution.


But the coaching didn’t stop there. Olav also supported me a lot by growing into my new role, by reflecting on the topics I was facing regularly, and also with a privat topic I had to bring to the table.


Coaching can not be limited to a role, a person, or a topic. Seeing and working on the full picture is what Olav fundamentally understands.
He always listens when an open ear is required and always advises, when guidance is needed”




– Christian, Engineering Manager, Germany


“Olav has been a phenomenal coach to me. He is one of the most positive and encouraging people I’ve ever met. He not only helped me focus on the real objectives to attain my goals but provided insight into patterns that were holding me back. He has helped me transform my mindset, see my true self and believe in my abilities. Everything happened just in a week and it’s unbelievably amazing!


Most importantly, he is always there for you.. “




– Zohreh, HR Professional, Denmark


“Olav is a great person to work with, a guy with a sharp mind and big heart. Absolutely enjoyed every coaching session I had with him. Always left with a sense of consciousness, same feeling you get when having a long overdue catch-up with a good friend over few beers.”




– Pawel, Engineering Manager, USA


“I have had the great pleasure of having Olav as a close college for 4 years. During that time I have had the pleasure of having many coaching like dialogues with him. During the coaching I experienced high level of listening and emphatical skills. He challenged me when it was needed and listened when needed.  His interpersonal skills combined with his theoretical and his life experience makes him a great asset in any given coaching session.


I’m very sad to lose him a college, any organization that hires him will benefit from his great knowledge and high energy level. No doubt that he will make a lasting impact in any organization that he encounters.


I can only give him my highest recommendation. if there should be any doubt in any of his competences, you are more than welcome to reach out to me for a reference.”




– Steen Klimt Johannesen, Chief Project Manager, Denmark


“Olav is awesome.. Simple as that.


I´m one of the lucky ones who have had the pleasure of calling Olav my boss. The passion and dedication are not to be missed, when Olav is working with developing individuals, teams or organizations, and he knows how to work his magic.


There is no doubt that Olav is professionally proficient, and together with some admirable people skills and his personal perspective developed from a wide range of areas, he succeeds in giving people the courage and desire to take part in the journey.


Olav is an excellent facilitator and has remarkable public speaking skills, and whether it is 10 or 500 people, he manages to maintain their engagement and attention.
I experienced Olav´s management style as very empowering and based on mutual trust. Olav has a sincere interest in his employees, and with his support, he gives them the best conditions to develop and grow.


Overall, Olav is a smart, cheerful, and kind-hearted boss, with awesome people skills, to whom I will give my warmest recommendations.”




– Anita Ørskov Larsen, Scrum Master, Denmark


“I have had the pleasure of working with Olav as my manager and that is definitely a time that I will not forget – he is one of the best.


Olav is dedicated, he is a great problem solver, has a positive approach, has energy like a sparkling unicorn, and definitely a trusted friend that is always available when needed.
I have seen Olav succeed as a manager, mentor, leadership coach, and facilitator where he put his heart into the job that he is given.


He builds teams like no one else, brings everyone on board, and ensures that everyone has a great time being involved.
As my manager, he showed me a great amount of trust, supported me when needed, and spend his time leading more than managing.


I would anytime give my warmest recommendations of Olav!”




– Winnie Ørnsholt Jensen, Head of Business Development, Denmark


“I had the pleasure to work with Olav for several years and in a number of settings in which I experienced him as a mediator, a leadership coach, a conference facilitator, a problem solver and foremost as a catalyst for culutral growth and change. If I had only two words to describe how he does what he does and why he stands out far in it they would be: genuineness and passion. He really connects with all type of stakeholders, he truly understands the cultural drivers of a company and he puts his heart on the line to steer and guide the required changes.


I saw a number of facilitators, coaches and change managers in my career but most of them did not have much impact because they either “sticked to their methods” too much or only superficially reached their client’s team or did not have the energy to “move the needle” – Olav proved successfully how it is all done the right way!

For more detailed examples reach out to me everytime, I am happy to share some extraordinary stories from his work.”




– Felix Fester, Product Growth Manager, Germany


“I am very thankful for Olav and the time he spent working on me. He was very kind to agree to mentor me and give guidance when I was lost and was not sure what to do anymore. Olav uses great techniques to understand ones personality and find the right approach to the mentorship. I highly recommend reaching out to Olav if you are seeking for clearance in your life or if you are looking for positive endorsement.”




– Asta Narbutaite, International Business Trainee, Denmark


“Olav is a one-man powerhouse of energy, enthusiasm and possibility.


Working with Olav, you will benefit from his strategic thinking, proven ability to execute, and his very amiable manner in which he ensures things get done. Unlike some driven people who can at times rub teams up the wrong way, Olav is a team-builder par excellence, who enthuses each individual and brings everyone onboard for the journey.


I thoroughly recommend Olav as someone who will bring you excellent results, not only for this quarter, but consistently thereafter as he innovates and find ways to seize the opportunities you didn’t even know that you had.”




– Scott Gould, Author, Consultant and Speaker on Engagement, England


“Olav is a dedicated, ambitious, result driven leader and thoughtful individual. If you ever need someone to deliver under pressure, no slip-ups, just results, Olav is your man! He is great in dealing with difficult situations and a fantastic problem solver. I gladly recommend Olav.”




– James Ezhaya, Global Quality Director, Switzerland


“I have had the privilege of working with Olav for over 3 years across the 3i Program and Change Manager role. In both, Olav has shows such passion and commitment to change yet still with a realistic and optimistic approach.


Olav’s creative thinking, expertise, positive can-do attitude and drive as a Change Manager means he continually delivers results, go above and beyond in providing exceptional service and support, and shows genuine integrity and respect to those who seek his input. Olav is enthusiastic, fun, personable and a brilliant networker being adept at all aspects of communications making Olav a valuable contributor to any situation or team.”




– Marie Chandler, Director of Quality, Health, Safety and Wellbeing, England


“Olav was to me a great source to inspiration both on a strategic and a practical level in regards to boost and implement the Idea Management System (3i) in Global Blades.


Olav is a strategic thinker, a great communicator and lots of fun to work with. He is full of ideas, but is also eager to listen and compromise to obtain the best solution and results for the business! I warmly recommend Olav.”




– Karina Heyckendorff Olesen, Consultant, Denmark


“Olav is the go-to-guy for inspiration and new creative ideas. Every time I talk with him, he is a pinnacle of enthusiasm for challenging status quo and creating meaningful change.


I am convinced, that Olav is the right person to create and drive a culture of innovation (with a grassroot-mentality) – and he always will motivate people around him to join the good cause.”




– Martin Schorling Overgård, Head of AURA Ventures, Denmark